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You pour your heart and life into your music. You want to know your music is in the hands of someone who cares as much as you and knows what they’re doing.

Albums Recorded, Mixed or Produced at Frequency Farm Recording Studio

Video Recording & Editing

I can shoot your video with multiple angles in HD and create the music video you need to promote your band! Combined with my 24 track mobile studio we can make a great live concert video!


Album Artwork Design

I’m a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. I am proficient in website development and album artwork design.

I’m passionate about creating artwork that is both visually stunning and musically relevant. I believe that album artwork should be an extension of the music, and I strive to create artwork that helps to tell the story of the album.


Design Services

  • Concept development
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Print & Packaging design
phoenix of tragedy - nathaniel roland