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Recording time






Video recording & editing

Studio Time / Recording

Come record from the comfort of my country home, the country farm setting is the perfect quiet relaxing environment to make an album. Tracking is done through an Antelope Discrete 8 Synergy Core Interface with 24 inputs available. I have plenty of great microphones to choose from as well as a plethora of guitars, amps, drums, and tons of other musical instruments to play. My collection of gear is all available to use during recording sessions at no extra cost.


Using my collection of plug-ins and a variety of studio hardware I can add color and warm vintage analog sound to your song, or give it a natural, clear & pristine sound. Contact me for a quote.


This is the final spit polish before publishing any recorded material. The mastering process includes leveling all songs in volume to be consistent across the entire album, doing corrective EQ if needed, removal of hiss, background noise, pops or clicks. Mastering also brings the volume to the correct level for digital streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, AppleMusic, Amazon Music, etc.




My job as music producer is to make sure that the finished product is as good as it can be and that it meets the vision of the record label and/or the artist. I give impartial, supportive encouragement and feedback,
comment and guide musical ideas, helping with arrangements, getting the best performance out of the artist, all while overseeing the project to achieve the artist’s goal.



With 30 years of songwriting experience behind me, I can help take your idea to the next level. We will work side by side or via internet to sculpt your song to your vision.

Need a beat? Me or my team of beat-makers (think Santa’s elves, but in a tiny studio) can create the music for your next song.



When I play on a song for a client it is during an unattended recording session. You’re only charged a flat musician rate per song, recording time is not additional.

I also have network of musicians that could come play on your music. This option would require paying their rate as well as studio time.

Adventure / Mobile Recording

Have a favorite stairwell, hall, or church you like to sing in? Maybe you want to capture some street or nature sounds. My mobile rig can record your entire band setup with 24 simultaneous live tracks.


Video Recording & Editing

I can shoot your video with multiple angles in HD and create the music video you need to promote your band! Combined with my 24 track mobile studio we can make a great live concert video!

Cassie Lokker - The Dawn artwork

Album Artwork Design

Message me for a quick quote.

Ready to make some noise?